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Simone Andersen

Simone Andersen
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Simone is an expert in business networking and building relations and has written several bestselling books and gives talks on these subjects.

Simone Andersen is a journalist and has a Master’s degree in media studies. She worked for many years at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation as an editor and talk show host.

Speaking topics:

1) The new Networking Version 2.0
Research into relations shows that on average we can handle about 150 contacts.
For several years, networking has been a matter of establishing as many contacts as possible, handing out vast numbers of business cards and going to endless meetings.
That exercise cost a lot of time, made our networks complex and erratic and tired many networkers out – especially because they realized that the effort they made was not matched by corresponding gains.
The point is that there is an easier way. This new method is called Networking Version 2.0, and it accounts for the fact that no one is able to maintain hundreds of contacts. However, we have to cut down on the time we spend on networking – although this should not detract from its overall positive results.

2) Appoint corporate ambassadors!
Networking and establishing relations are considered to be among the most important growth parameters during the next years.

External networking: Consider the potential growth and development opportunities of making the employees of the company external network ambassadors.
Internal networking: Knowledge sharing and establishing relations are crucial internal parameters in the workplace of the future. So it is essential to create an attractive setting that makes it easy for employees to build relations and share knowledge.
When employees realize the importance of activating the ambassador concept – the growth potential for the organization and themselves will be enormous.

The topics can contain the following themes:

  • How do you build an efficient network?
  • Latest networking techniques: Update your knowledge
  • Networking Version 2.0 – Short-term and long-term strategies
  • How do you establish good relationships?
  • Insight into your personal strengths
  • Performance and communication techniques
  • Entrance and exit strategies
  • Circulation and introduction techniques


Twitter: Sla16

“As a speaker Simone is a fantastic communicator. Through her keenness and analytical talent, she quickly establishes customer needs and transforms them into concrete knowledge that is brilliantly communicated to her audience. Her passion for networking is obvious and leaves her audience in a state of euphoria.”
Ernst A. Jønsson, IOOF – The Independent Order of Odd Fellows 

“My dear friend Simone was one of the pioneers in the scientific approach to the now-extremely- popular discipline of networking, and she was trailblazing techniques for practical applications of networking before almost anyone else. Welcome to Networking 2.0!”
Mogens Nørgaard, Serial IT entrepreneur/CEO, International lecturer 

“If you want a company that is on the move and striving to be successful, the board of directors and the CEO should give greater priority to networking in their business strategy. It is going to be an even more decisive factor during the next few years. Simone has the competence and the tools to help your business implement networking.”
Svend Randers, CEO, AL Finans

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