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Per Wimmer

Per Wimmer
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Per Wimmer is a global financier, an entrepreneur, an adventurer, a pioneer and a philanthropist - or, as a commentator has argued, a true "Indiana Jones meets 007 James Bond."

“The Sky Is No Limit. Making Big Dreams Reality”

All presentations depart from Per Wimmer’s exciting preparations for his trip to space in 2015 and will include video clips from training preparations (incl. weightlessness training, fighter jet flying, centrifuge training, SpaceShipOne launch, etc.), chronology of the project development from idea to reality, pre-launch preparations, the challenges and resistance along the way, reactions from family, friends and colleagues, etc.

The core of the presentation is Per’s Seven Fundamental Values (see below) and the presentation also addresses elements of Global Teamwork, Leadership, Technology, a Pioneering Spirit and, above all, a good story about an Entrepreneurial Adventurer for whom “The Sky Is No Limit.” The presentation will include video footage from the space training, including Zero-G flights, centrifuge training and flying Russian MIG-25 fighter jets.

The Seven Fundamental Values of Wimmer Space include:

  1. Allow Yourself to be Inspired. Think “Out of the Box”
  2. Follow Your Heart and Passion. Have Fun.
  3. Focus and Execution
  4. Time Discipline: Be Conscious About Time Allocation.
  5. Teamwork: The Sum of the Parts Is Greater Than the Individual Parts Alone
  6. Take Calculated Risks. Asses Risks/Rewards.
  7. Inspire Others, especially Children and Encourage Them to Live Their Dreams.

The other presentation themes can be customized and include the following propositions:

  • Pioneering/Entrepreneurial Spirit: Test new limits; do not be afraid of the unknown; only by aiming at the imposible are borders pushed; take calculated risks and enter unchartered territory. Only by trying something new are borders moved further out
  • A World Record: First Tandem Sky Dive Over Mount Everest. Hear the story on how Per and Ralph Mitchell became the first two persons on Earth to conquer Mount Everest from the top. 
  • New Technology: How can new technology break down old barriers? How can new technology help humans optain their goals and make everyday easier? Is new technology a threat? How dangerous is flying a rocket? 
  • Global Teamwork/Leadership: Large projects typically require the syncronization of multiple forces and inputs. How does one lead and control the process? How do you make “the global orchester” play to the same tune to everyone’s satisfaction? 
  • Safety: How do you treat safety when the margin of error can only be zero? What risk/reward considerations does one make when one enters out into “new and deep waters?”



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