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Nicklas Bergman

Nicklas Bergman
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Nicklas Bergman has spent the last 20+ years working as a serial entrepreneur and investor focusing on emerging markets and technologies. With vast experience from navigating through turbulent and uncertain technology environments, he is the perfect guide when you are trying to understand what the future will bring.


Speaking Topics:

The future is not what it used to be – How the Techstorm is Disrupting Society

Where will technology take us? Are we ready for what the future may hold? The possibilities are endless, and we’re witnessing the dawn of an era where technology will redefine who we are. It’s no longer just a question of what technology can do for us, but also what should we allow technology to do.

In the coming decades society will go through a painful and challenging transformation due to the ongoing techstorm. With automation comes unemployment and a smaller tax base. Increased longevity means greater pressure on the pension systems. Easy access to our genetic information raises ethical issues of what we want to know about ourselves, and also what we want to share with others.

In a multimedia presentation filled with colorful examples, Nicklas presents a future outlook on trends based on emerging technologies and their impact on society. He is also covering ethical aspects on technology, preparing you for the times to come.

Strategy Under Technological Uncertainty – How the Techstorm is Disrupting Business

The increasing rates of innovation and scientific development are affecting all aspects of running a business today. As information technology matures, new disruptive technologies are emerging that will ultimately change the way we conduct business. How should a company act in times of great technological turbulence to avoid getting stuck in a ”Kodak Moment”?

Ignorance is bliss but not a viable approach to the ongoing techstorm. Instead, it’s important to understand what level of uncertainty you are facing. Then, assess different strategies based on whether you want to try to shape the potential future or if you would rather stay more agile and adapt to changes in the competitive landscape.

In this talk, Nicklas presents a technology perspective on corporate strategy and uncertainty filled with examples from his investments and entrepreneurial ventures as well as from the cutting edge of emerging technologies. He is also focusing on how you identify and benefit from opportunities arising in the ever changing technological landscape.

Will Robots Steal My Job? – How the Techstorm is Disrupting Your Life

Computers outclass humans in Jeopardy and outperform lawyers in case preparation. Robots excel over humans in various agriculture, healthcare and transportation applications. A recent study from Oxford University suggests that almost 2/3 of the U.S. workforce has a medium to high risk of job destruction because of automation. Is the human workforce an endangered species? Are we moving towards a jobless society?

When a technology matures and a new emerges, you can identify a number of traits that are crucial for making it in the upcoming era. In this talk, Nicklas presents an in-depth view on vital prerequisites for individual success in this ongoing techstorm. To stay competitive, you must learn to prepare for ambiguity, rather than plan for the future. It’s also crucial to value skills that are harder to automate. Work on your creative, innovative as well as social and emotional skills, and in times when information is instantly available, focus on asking the right questions, not giving the right answers.


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  1. Nicklas was fantastic! He wasn’t what our workshop participants were expecting, but I heard nothing but positive remarks. That was the whole point re: not what this crowd usually expects. We wanted to push the envelope with a group we know can be quite insular in their world, so it was fabulous!  Thank you again for flagging him as an option! Worked out great.

  2. Nicklas is a futurist of highest rank. With a combination of intellectual elasticity and futurological curiosity, he weaves a tickling portrait of how the technologies of tomorrow will affect our way of life and business. That he also as an investor ‘puts his money where his mouth is’ makes him one of our most credible guides to the possibilities and challenges of the future. As a conference junkie I see hundreds of speakers every year, and Nicklas is by far one of the best.

  3. Nicklas’ talks are very informative and highly entertaining, and it makes you want to learn, see and understand more of the world to come. His background as an entrepreneur, investor and researcher acts as a very credible framework for how technology will affect every aspect of our future life and work. He also provides very valuable tools for anyone interested in applying technology insights in their daily work.

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