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Mark Masters

Mark Masters
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Mark Masters is the owner of content marketing consultancy, The ID Group. He is a believer for businesses to own their audience, create more meaningful content and stand for something compelling.

Mark’s focus is for businesses to embrace an owned media mindset and create, curate and distribute within the channels that they have complete control of.

He co-curates the Once Upon A Time storytelling event. This is a quarterly event at Shelley Theatre, in Bournemouth. Well known brands talk with Mark on a stage about how they have told there story and built their audience. Brands have included: Ted Baker, River Cottage, Fitness First, Dorset Cereals, Farrow & Ball and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

He is also the co-presenter of the twice weekly podcast Marketing Homebrew. The show is targeted at businesses that are looking to embrace a way of marketing that is centered on creation and moving away from convention.

Speaker Topics:


While many businesses are adopting a content mindset to build a more engaged audience. How do you know what is working?

According to Adobe’s Digital Distress Report (2013), 76% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past two years than the past 50. Are you modifying and altering your approach?

Churning content and thinking that the answer is knee deep in the blogging trenches is not the answer. Lets look at where you sit on the Content MOT, what you are applying now and what you need to develop to becoming a purring engine on the road to enlightenment.


You need to become the leading information provider for you customers and the driving force for where your marketplace is heading.

Don’t get comfortable.

If you put all the content you created in a box (your website, your print material), ask yourself, ‘would people miss you’?

Lets look at how you can differentiate and why businesses need to stop marketing with a 20th century mindset.


There are 5.2 million private sector businesses in the UK, the highest since estimates began in 2000. However, the majority of businesses think and act the same.

You can build a loyal audience via the channels that you have complete control.

Lets look at why you need to build your audience within the spaces that are yours and not happily give your money to someone else and borrow theirs (take a bow DM and advertising).


“I’ve been on so many slick presentations, workshops, seminars etc. it’s sad. Mark’s workshop was refreshing different, interesting, reflective and engaging.

It was very much a roll-your-sleeves up attitude and get stuck in affair. There was plenty of advice, questions, answers and light bulb moments.”

Dan Carey, Wessex Chair – Business & Management Wessex

“I take from Mark’s approach the enthusiasm and validation of the content marketing approach.”

Alexander Hill – Senseye

“I took from Mark’s presentation how I can use content and identify better ways to tell a story for both my own business and clients. It has made me think about other ways to get results.”

Stewart Perrett – Giraffe Design


Once Upon A Time

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