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Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards
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Mark Edwards has spent 20 years as an independent business consultant - creating visual abstractions, illustrations, models and diagrams to help some of the world’s leading organizations to better communicate their insights, solutions, and propositions.

‘The Power of Visual Communications’ has been Mark’s key note address since 2010. It has been presented to corporate conference audiences of all sizes all over the world. The presentation effectively demonstrates the ways in which visual illustrations, abstractions and models can be used with a verbal commentary to improve the quality of communication; both in terms of understanding, and that of retention.


  1. Mark is a visual dynamo – bringing alive often quite complex messages and simplifying into digestible chunks for the audience to understand and more importantly remember. His unique style and straight-forward approach are a delight to experience and once encountered will never be forgotten.

  2. Mark has worked closely with a variety of our sales teams with his approach to visual selling & communications. Having adopted his whiteboard approach our sales results have increased dramatically & I would highly recommend this book.

  3. I first used Mark to help train one of my sales teams over 10 years ago. His style, even then, was littered with highly visual references which dramatically brought the training messages to life and, most importantly, made those messages ‘stick’. His people development style & approach epitomises that ‘every picture tells a thousand words’.

  4. We have successfully incorporated the advice given in The Power of Visual Communications. It really can make all the difference in helping you to present complex ideas simply and easily.

  5. Just one of Marks visual strategies helped me build a multi-million pound company – imagine what a whole book of them could do for your business.

  6. Mark’s innovative approach to the art of visual communication helps my teams deliver high impact and innovative messages to their customers with consistently excellent results.

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