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Khurshed Dehnugara

Khurshed Dehnugara

Khurshed Dehnugara had a first career as a corporate executive with GlaxoSmithKline and a second as a coach and facilitator to those working at the most senior levels of large, complex, global organizations. He has spent fifteen years working in a range of sectors including at Group Board levels for Aviva, Centrica, Deutsche Bank, Direct Line Group, easyJet, GlaxoSmithKline, Imperial Tobacco, Martin Currie, National Australia Bank, Prudential, Royal Bank of Scotland, Telstra and T Mobile and with Executive teams of many other local operating companies.


Khurshed has a deep interest in the ability of leaders to challenge the status quo, and work with the inevitable anxiety this creates, in large businesses designed mostly for stability rather than significant change.

Speaking Topics

  • The instability and disturbance that underpins innovation
  • Handling our own anxiety and sources of personal shame when disturbing the status quo
  • The crumbling of core pillars of modern management
  • The possibilities in the periods we are in between the Industrial Age and Age of Connection
  • The profile and capabilities of those that challenge large organizations from the inside
  • 20 years into my career with 20 years to go, now what?
  • The personal paradox of the Challenger – persistence and acceptance of defeat


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  1. Stimulating, moving, satisfying, troubling, motivating, energising and mindset changing all in good measure.

  2. Your topic was great I am fascinated by how we are going to test the edge. Thank you for delivering an inspiring speech and getting the audience highly involved in the experience.

  3. Thanks for an excellent presentation, it was rated effective/ extremely effective by all the participants. It was hard to sit in the audience and not feel uncomfortable about the organisational and personal challenges ahead of us.

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