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Nicklas Bergman to speak at Silicon Beach, Bournmouth


On the 24th-25th September, LID author Nicklas Bergman will be speaking at Silicon Beach in Bournmouth. The event brings together leading strategic thinkers and digital innovators from a wide variety of disciplines. All presenters will showcase their expertise from different perspectives.

Nicklas Bergman has over 20 years experience working as a serial entrepreneur and investor. His main focus is emerging markets and technologies. His speaking topics include the impact of technology on society, strategy under technological uncertainty and how the techstorm is disrupting our lives.

These ideas are to be further explored in his new book, Surviving the Techstorm, strategies in times of technological uncertainty. The book serves as a guide to how we can make the right choices in an age of rapid technological development. Bergman argues that combining a historical perspective with both a curiosity and understanding of technology will gain us an insight into preferable futures.

Other speakers will include Founder of Superhuman Louisa Heinrich, CEO of Tech Foundation Ian Fordham, Head of Strategy at True Digital, James Caig and Business Development Director Liz Pavitt.

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