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My crazy dream came true, and so can yours

Simone Anderson head

Many years ago, a couple of good friends and I took a break at a height of 4,500 metres in the Himalayas. I was aware that thin layers of air can make you say funny things, but I had not expected myself to produce the following utterance: “I am going to write a book, and I want it to be published in China”. I looked at the sky and asked myself “Where did it come from?”

The sentence stayed with me over the next ten years, as I tried repeatedly to find out if it was to manage a project like that in China. As early as ten years ago, I knew exactly what the subject matter of the book would be. The challenge was to find an international publishing house that could publish my book. It is extremely difficult to publish in Denmark – so how would it be possible abroad? I spent a lot of time considering this challenge – and after ten years nothing had really happened.

My specialist knowledge concerns networking and the establishment of relations.

Two years ago, this knowledge, (or technique), made a U-turn. Up until then, it had all been about building networks as large as possible and giving out business cards left, right and center. But more and more people seemed to run out of steam as they spent too many hours and resources on this task. And those who had the courage to face the truth realized that benefits did not match effort.

Research and practical knowledge of networking resulted in a totally new approach to establishing relationships: Networking 2.0. This is all about having an increased focus on your networking needs and finding your short-term and long-term strategies.

One year ago, I decided to apply the technique to my old “China sentence”, and just now – less than a year later – The Networking Book was being published by an international publishing agency, LID Publishing!

The revised method, Networking 2.0, has enabled me to use my network in a completely different way than I would have done previously, and the process has been fun, easy and exceedingly efficient.

The contents of The Networking Book makes use of the 2.0 technique, and offers you the tools to focus on and tackle the building of relations – so that your benefits supersede your effort.

Impressive pre-orders from WHSmith’s and Asia resulted in an imminent stock shortage in no time.

The impossible has finally happened!

The impossible, or your dreams, can come true, too – if you build and implement your network in the right way!

By Simone Anderson