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Javier Sanchez Lamelas, CEO of Topline Marketing and author of “Martketing: The Heart and The Brain of Branding” – will be speaking at The ADC Congress in Germany this May. The ADC is the biggest organization representing creatives in communication in the German-speaking world.

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The ADC Congress is a full-day event happening at the ADC Festival, which is Germany’s biggest festival of creativity with about 16,000 attendees. The event will bring together creatives and technologists to discuss ideas, spark inspiration and foster forward thinking. This year’s motto “Disrupting Deutschland. Creativity beats Technology?!” highlights how technological advancement and innovative content may become a dream team. Established and upcoming creatives from society, science, advertising, architecture and creative communication will present their ideas.

Advertising is experiencing a big shift right now through digitalism and emerging technologies. How does this affect the importance of creativity? Why is trend and technology not your primary focus, what should brands rather focus on? Javier will covering the current hype on technology in advertising and more!