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How to book

  • How do I know which speaker to book?
    Every speaker has a list of speaking topics they specialize in, and a speaker bio to refer to. Please contact Niki Mullin if you require further information.
  • How long can a speaker be booked for?
    Depending on your event, our speakers can be booked for an hour’s presentation, half a day or a full day.
  • How can I book a LID Speaker?

    The fastest and most convenient way to book a LID Speaker is to email

What’s included

  • What exactly do the fees cover?
    For a precise breakdown of fees please contact Niki Mullin.
  • What kinds of business speakers are available?
    LID Speakers cover an array of topics spanning across the financial services sector, human resources, marketing, retail, and creative. If you have a particular request, just get in touch.
  • What impact will LID speakers have on my event?
    LID Speakers can provide your event with insight and expertise, drawing from years of experience in the industry; LID Speakers are guaranteed to make your event memorable and informative.
  • What kinds of services are provided?
    LID Speakers can facilitate interactive workshops, keynote presentations, training days, panel discussions, and after dinner speeches. We can always think outside the box, so if you have something different in mind, just get in touch.

Why use LID Speakers?

  • Why should I book an after dinner speaker?
    An after dinner speaker could be the key to making the night a success. An established business expert speaking at your event will undoubtedly make more people attend, and turn your event from a good event, to great event.