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Babou Olengha Aaby to speak at the Nordic Strategy Forum

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On the 5th- 6th November, LID Speaker, Babou Olengha Aaby will be speaking at the Nordic Strategy Forum in Berlin, Germany. The  event will offer insights to business trends and will allow guests to expand their personal networks. The main discussion topics are HR’s role in creating growth and value, leveraging company’s best assets in uncertain economic times, requirements of business transformation, fostering an innovative climate and how advanced analytics can be  used as a source for corporate strategy development.

Babou will be joining a fantastic lineup of speakers including: Vice President of Human Resources Group Functions 
Sandvik AB,Anna Hedebrant, HR Director of Bestseller A/S, Line Vogdrup and Group Director of HR 
Rambøll Gruppen Søren Carlsen.

As the Founder and CEO of the Next Billion (formerly Mums Mean Business) an impact driven Crowdfunding platform, Babou’s main focus is to invest in women’s economic potential through entrepreneurship to benefit both national and international economies. Babou is a passionate speaker and covers topics including crowdsourcing, female economic empowerment, the mumprenreurs movement, and the winning effects of investing in women and raising the next billion.

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