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Anders Indset, Norwegian-born business-philosopher, who’s book, Wild Knowledge, due to be published this spring, will be speaking at The Digital Enterprise Show (DES) in Madrid this May.


DES, who we’re proud to announce as our management and leadership journal, Dialogue Review‘s media partner, aims to allow attendees to learn, experience, meet, compare and buy the most advanced solutions to get on board with the digital revolution.

Technology has changed the business world forever and companies now face complex challenges and opportunities that have emerged as a result of the digital revolution. Sectors as diverse as agriculture, health, banking, industry, retail and tourism all suffer the effects of this global trend. Nevertheless, new business models have been constantly emerging thanks to innovation.

Anders is known for his unconventional thoughts, provoking theses and rock star attitude and is a much soughtafter international keynote speaker on leadership, change, technology branding and creativity.