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LID Author Pedro Algorta speaks at the Microsoft research lab in Cambridge.


Tuesday 8th March saw LID Author Pedro Algorta speak in the incredible setting of the Microsoft research lab in Cambridge.

Ahead of the UK release of his book, Into the Mountains, Pedro spoke in a packed lecture theatre to an audience seemingly both enthralled and horrified by what he had to say.

In 1972, Pedro was one of 14 survivors of the Uruguayan plane crash into the Andes, 70 days earlier. In order to survive in these incredibly harsh and dire circumstances, Pedro and his ‘mountains brothers’ had to resort to basic human instinct in order to survive.

Speaking more than 40 years after the event, it remains alarmingly clear in his memory, and using video footage of the time to put the disaster into context for the audience, allowed them to fully immerse themselves in his story.

Despite this tragedy, Pedro went on to graduate from school and become a huge success in his own right, as CEO of the largest Brewery in Argentina. His determination and resilience makes him a fabulous speaker and author, a true testament of what the human spirit can withstand.

The event was a great success, and a sell out. At the end of his talk, Pedro kindly answered questions and then enjoyed meeting the audience, to sign copies of his book.